Monday, May 7, 2018

1865 Blog- Elaina

Deer Mavis,
i miis you so much and i wish i cood see you again. i prey everee day that the war will end sooon and that i mite come home to you and papa. This battel has made me appriciat the amazing life that i have and how i shood go about trying to save others from the terribl fate that I almost had. The warr wages on and on but I hope the bloodshed will finally end soon so that i may come home and protect my family.

Melvin Thomas

Friday, May 4, 2018

1865 Blog- Pvt. Jefferson Hudman

It is December, 1865. What a year. The war is finally ober, freedom has been given to the oppressed, in humane actions have been made humane, and the country had been freed of a curse. I am ready to return home to liberty and my siblings, to live a normal life filled with normal thrills and happiness. It is now time to begin reconstructing the Union and our morales. The country had also suffered a great loss. An important, patriotic leader has been assassinated because of disagreeing beliefs. Crazy that something nonexistent can cause death. We must learn how to reconnect, how to be brothers and sisters to all humans regardless of race, religion, and beliefs. That is what this nation strives for, that is the American Dream. It’s time to stop fighting and start working things out, listening to all views, gearing all groups and reaching the dream.

1865 blog

Dis here is a mosiac of the fort Pilliow. It was reallly hard to make cause the generaal mad me rigt in English. It is in the shape of a confederat flag cause it was a confederat win.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

1865 Blog- Sgt.Dunn

"Battle Cry of Freedom"

This Song was very popular in the North and was used during Lincoln 1864 election later used to help boost Union troops morale. The song was very important for it references both abolitionist and unionism beliefs and would utilize the song to help increase support.

"Battle Hymn Of The Republic"

The song was an Important patriotic song towards the Union. The song was a leading anthem to the Unions cause and inspire a sense of national identity that was deeply embedded in the American people.

"Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!"

This was created for it gave hope to Union prisoners that were captured by the Confederacy that one day they may be free. It gave the Union prisoner hope in a place where they were treated miserably and allow them to push forth in life.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

1865 Blog - First Sgt. Cobb

Deer Amy, 

did ya heer i git to com home soon? Yu remembr that whit cak yu sent me a wile back, wel i finaly got a chanc to eet it up It wuz tha most wundrful recipee evr so i shard it wit all my comrads an they told me it was Mrs. Lincoln's recipee fer her fameus whit cak. Of corse i didnt beleeve 'em so i askd arond to see if yur cak i describd machd Mary Todd Lincoln's cak descripshin. yu hav to tel me wethr that cak is yur recipee or not. if its not yu stil tok grat car of that speshal recipee ther I miss yu sistr. an i mis yur bakin' So tel me, i wont bee mad, is tha foloing recipee yurs or tha firs ladee's?

                                                                                              Wit much luv an a ful stomac,
                                         Alvin Cobb


  • 1 cup o' finly chopd almons
  • 1 cup o' buttr
  • 2 cups o' shugr
  • 3 cups flowr
  • 3 teespoons o' bakin' powdr
  • 1 cup milk
  • 6 egg whits (wat ar "egg whits"?)
  • 1 teespoon vanila extrac
  • confecshinaree shugr ???

  1. Pree-heet ovin to 350 deegrees
  2. Grees baking pan
  3. Creem tha buttr
  4. Add in tha shugr
  5. Add milk
  6. Add almons
  7. Mix WELL
  8. Beet egg whits until stif (separat bole)
  9. Fold in egg whits (they arnt cloths, how doo yu "fold" 'em?)
  10. Mix in vanila extrac
  11. Por into pan
  12. Bak fer an hour
  13. Wen cool, siff confecshinaree shugr on top 
  14. Eet!



Wednesday, April 25, 2018

1864 Blog- Melvin "Elaina"

1864 Blog- Sgt.Dunn

This Picture Mosaic shows Sherman's March, his route, the Union flag, the destruction during Sherman's march, Sherman, and Lincoln being reelected again as President of the United States.